Tuesday, February 2, 2010

too busy to update :/

It is hard to believe that it is already February, but it is. We've been home with Josiah a little over 3 months now. Some days feel a bit like "the honeymoon is over" but for the most part things are going well. Saturday Josiah had his first Upward basketball game. He was up, showered, and dressed in full uniform by 7:15 - for his 9:00 game. Was he excited? uh... just a little! It was hilarious watching him play: excitement all over the floor. Kind of like "pin-ball basketball- with some falling on the floor." I must say it was a successful first game (they didn't win, but it didn't matter!)

Andrew and Josiah are going to Chinese school on Saturday afternoons - for Andrew to learn Chinese and for Josiah to keep progressing with his reading, writing, and language development. On the home front our homeschooling is busy - with Andrew's schedule - and keeping Josiah in productive activity for learning. And, I'm still tutoring.

Terry had a great mission trip to Switzerland and Germany to minister to our military over there. It was good for him to be part of this team. God has opened so many doors the past few years for Terry to work with our military men and women.

Well, it doesn't look like the Groundhog will be seeing his shadow around here today. Another overcast rainy day. Have a good one!

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