Monday, July 20, 2009

Every penny helps!

Our dossier is done, which included the home-study,many forms, documents, and fees... and is paid for. The first agency fee is paid for. We will have the second/final agency fee, the document fees in China, the orphanage donation fee, and of course the traveling. China requires at least one parent to travel and be there two weeks. We would like to both go, as well as take Andrew, to help with the adjustments. The orphanage fee used to be $3000. and last I heard has gone up to $5200. It went up when the value of the dollar went down. Pray for God's continued provision as we gather these funds together. Here's a simple, easy way you can help: register with iGive and put Langford International Adoption as your cause. Download iGive to be in your toolbar - then whenever you shop on-line, shop through iGive. They have tons of stores. Also, whenever you search, search through iSearch rather than google or whatever you're used to. Thanks!

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