Sunday, July 19, 2009

When we first heard about Jie

This was written in August 2007.

You can read more about this on Sera's blog:

Asher is from Jie's orphanage - Sera is his big sister, and I might add - an excellent blog writer.

"When we first met Jie, he was very sad looking. Our guide Hannah, went right over to him and Jie began asking her if she had found him a family. At nine years old, he has seen several of his friends leave with their families but no one has come for him.

The orphanage staff kept telling us that Jie is a very smart and good boy. He always listens to the nannies and is very helpful.
Jie attends a boarding school that is several hours away from the orphanage. He is a very good student and loves to learn, but he does not like the school because he has no family or friends there.

We told Jie that we would pray for a family for him. Jie asked us what did it mean to pray, so Ian explained that praying was asking God for something for someone. And Jie looked at us and asked "What is God?"
This little boy is so hungry and he wants to learn so much.
But he hasn't been given the opportunity to.

Like Asher, he was born with a cleft lip but he has had the surgery and is completely healthy. I don't believe his palate was involved because he spoke very well for being 9 years old. Asher sounds very nasally because of his palate and is hard to understand. Even though I don't speak Mandarin, I was able to clearly understand everything Jie said.

Jie wouldn't smile while we were there. He just looked at us and seemed to be asking if we could take him home too. When we told him that we would do everything we could to find him a family, he finally gave us a smile."

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