Tuesday, August 18, 2009

2 days until the fun night - fund-raiser with Steve!

Two more days until our evening with Steve Pennington of Pro-Kids. So much is going on - we're hoping the storms will stay away. In the mean time Terry got an assignment with the Army for 5 days, so he'll be leaving on Thursday... missing the fund-raiser, but earning, so we're happy for that. And guess where he'll be - St. Croix, Virgin Islands. HA! can you believe it... so hope he gets a minute or two of sun while he's there, and not just tropical storms.

Matthew's barbershop quartet sang at two churches on Sunday and were scheduled to record tonight, but the technician got sick. He's available to record with them on (can you guess?), yup- Thursday night. With Matthew leaving for college on Friday it's gotta be a go. Maybe it'll work out differently so they can be at Steve's show. They are recording Christmas songs - an album for a fund-raiser to help bring Jie home. Check out their Facebook "Fourth Dimension." Fabulous 4 guys! We are so proud of them.

That all said... I certainly hope to see some of you this Thursday night! Bring some friends with you to enjoy the show. Steve is unbelievably talented and all ages enjoy his entertainment.


  1. I saw your post at the MAAWC board. I will be praying that your fund raiser brings in the needed funds to complete your adoption process. A dear friend of ours just adopted from Ghana. Her blog is: http://streamsofjoy.blogspot.com/
    I hope it encourages you. We are hoping to adopt again. We adopted 16 years ago. Our son is Vietnamese but he was born in Georgia. The funds needed for adoption are discouraging. We are praying as to how to pay for a foreign adoption. I hope that you are able to travel soon to pick up your son!!

    Blessings as you continue on this journey to bring your son home.


  2. Thanks for your prayers!! We know that God will provide for our needs.