Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Visa applications

We were suppose to apply for our Visas a couple of weeks ago... all the other paperwork was done. Then we went to the beach, have been busy with work, and oops - forgot!! So, finally we figured out how to fill out the applications and how to find a courier service in Houston. Cost for each Visa is $130. When I called one of the courier services they said it was $159. I was pretty discouraged thinking they meant this amount in addition to the Visa fee. After checking their website I realized their fee was $29. per application. Then it dawned on me that I should count the money we've been collecting in our "adoption fund" jar and our "Fu Jie" can from Aunt Susan from last Christmas. We need $477. for the three Visas, including courier fees. Wow - what a blessing! I counted quarters, dimes, nickels (put all the pennies in a separate jar- still have them) and the $$bills from our last garage sale. It totals $474.35! What a blessing - now, tomorrow morning off to the bank for the money order. They will LOVE me coming in with all that change! Then we'll FedEx these applications off and be one more step on our way to bringing Jie home.

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  1. This is yet another milestone in the faith steps toward Jie becoming a Langford. I love it! Love all you Langfords, too.... Deb