Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Home: day 10

We've had lots of firsts around here and it is so fun watching the joy on Josiah's face as he discovers and experiences things for the first time. *OKAY, let me explain about the name: Caleb Josiah FuJie Langford - yes, that's his name. We're calling him Josiah. It fits him. :) yes, some people are shaking their heads... saying, they were right. HA! I think he likes all of his names.

We had some sleepy days with the jet lag. The time change actually helped us. We skipped Halloween - just ignored the whole thing - had no clue how to explain it to Josiah and it's not a priority for us anyhow. We have enjoyed some of the candy, which we got on the "day-after" sale.

We went to church on Sunday. Matthew was home from college for the week-end, which was awesome. Josiah was very happy when Matthew gave him permission to play on his electric keyboard. The guys had fun "bonding" - including going with Jared and Gabe out on the lake in their boat. And, someone said something about Josiah "driving" the boat??

Another fun thing - Josiah has been able to play with Asher a couple of times. (

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