Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving will be here in 2 days

Every day is full of watching Josiah learn new things. I haven't had time to write on the blog. We use iGoogle to translate English into Chinese. It's wonderful that he reads Chinese so well. I was "telling" him about Thanksgiving. Then, all of a sudden he got excited and jumped up and down, ran outside into the backyard and started gathering up pinecones. Then he ran back into the house, grabbed a piece of paper and pen, saying "Jesus" - so I wrote "Jesus" on the paper. He ran back outside and proceeded to spell out "Jesus" using the pinecones on the lawn. Such excitement! I do think he's thankful.

Sunday morning we had some time before leaving for church and somehow we started looking at China on the computer - looking at Dandong on google maps. I think it stirred a little homesickness for the familiar in him. He has gone 6 days now without talking with a Chinese person. I'm thinking it's time for us to "phone a friend" so he can TALK and be understood. There are times I can tell he is grieving, just so many changes for him.

Last Wednesday our friend Suzanne from Houston was in town. AND besides giving the boys a fun ride in her convertible (rental car) - she brought Josiah a Chinese/English Bible. He loves reading it. Thanks, Suzanne!

On Saturday we went to a wedding. It was a beautiful wedding and another first for Josiah. He did really well, even as the day became long. We loved being with friends we hadn't seen for awhile.

We have so much to be thankful for... are you making a list? Personally I prefer making a "I'm thankful for..." list, more than my "wish list" for Christmas. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

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