Thursday, September 3, 2009

We have TA (travel approval)

Good news! We have our Travel Approval - and now are waiting for the CA (consulate appointment) - then we'll be able to arrange our flights to travel and bring Fu Jie home. Home, to his family, to start his life with us. We are very happy!

And... now the not so good news... we won't be traveling in September as we thought. Oct. 1-3 in China is their national holiday; and Oct. 4-8 is China's Mid-Autumn Festival. Thus, all offices are closed during this time. We'll most likely be traveling around the 8th or 9th. Just waiting, again, and learning more about faith in God and HIS timing. Also, in Guangzhou (where our last week will be) they have a big trade fair starting October 15 - November 4, which makes costs of hotels, etc. going up. But, again, God knows and will provide. We keep reminding ourselves of that! And, if any of you feel led to help out - remember "Lifesong for Orphans" - we posted the details about it August 19.

In Chinese adoptions the "ladybug" is a sign that something good is happening. Not sure when/where this all started, but we've had our share of "ladybug sightings" throughout this adoption process. Including on the day we got our I600 Immigration form - a ladybug landed on my arm! Well, our friend Tom Allen painted a ladybug on the July and October pages of his 2009 calendar. We got our LOA (letter of approval) in July - and now... looks like we'll travel in October. Just fun, don't you think?

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