Saturday, September 5, 2009

we'll be getting on the plane to China in October!

Our Consulate/visa appointment is scheduled for October 20 (uh, anyone's b-day?, yup... mine!!) We will most likely travel Oct. 8 - perhaps meet our son on the 11th. It's getting closer... We'll know more of what the schedule will be like soon. Now just checking around to find good flights with a good deal. Keep us in your prayers. And thanks to all of those who have contributed to Lifesong For Orphans! We actually have not made the $2000. matching grant yet, but are close. If you'd like to help us with the orphanage donation fee we're still saving toward the $5100. (checks written to: Lifesong For Orphans are tax-deductible, too ;)

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  1. How Exciting!! We are still waiting for our TA. Hopefully we can leave around the end of October ourselves.