Tuesday, October 13, 2009

from China

emails from Nancy: (posted by her sister)
Friday, October 9th~We're in Shenyang, China."hello - it is so weird to be emailing from china! after 27 1/2 hours of traveling we are in our hotel room. the trip went well."

Saturday, October 10th-Happy Birthday to Cassi.
"hi, it's 6:30 am sunday morning for us - so saturday night for you. Happy birthday, Cassi! hope you are having a fun day! we can't get on Facebook or on the blogspot - but are HAPPY to be able to get on email.This morning at 10 we meet with cindy, the adoption coordinator, to do paperwork. Tomorrow morning we meet Jie! We are making a list of questions to ask the orphanage people when we get him tomorrow. if you have any questions, send them to us! last night we ate here in the hotel at the Cafe that is mostly for americans and europeans, although has mostly food we don't recognize. It is a buffet. One of the (English speaking, well a little english) waitress/girls followed me around. she was really sweet. She would say what each food was. When she said "dog, You try?" - I said "uh, no, thank you...." i had visions of Elly, and Ivy, and just couldn't try it. She asked if I wanted dumplings or noodles, so I said "yes, dumpling" I thought I'd get one or two - she came out with this plate with about 12 dumplings! And then came back with a bowl of noodles - Andrew and I ate the noodle soup with our chopsticks just like on "Kung Fu Panda"yum... "

Sunday, Oct 11th-Monday.
"we are to meet Fu Jie tomorrow morning (our Monday) at 9 am (this is sunday night at 9pm orlando) "

Monday, Oct 12th-Gotcha Day!

"We have Fu Jie (and you say his name "gheeah" and it goes up at the end in tone) symbols for words are written differently with the same word; Fu means "bless" and Jie means "purity" He is good. When we first met him, he was very reserved and cautious. He knew "mother" and "father." The orphanage director and nanny communicated through our adoption guide/coordinator and gave us lots of information. We signed our name about 15 - 20 times. Jie signed a paper, too, stating he wanted to be adopted. We promised we would not abandon him and that we would take good care of him. there were 3 other families in the same room. Lots of commotion, but no crying, HA! our guide said when there are little babies sometimes can be chaos. We went to lunch with the director, nanny, guide, and van driver (which the driving is a whole other story!!!) at a local restaurant. It was very nice... the 2 ladies from the orphanage said they were going to miss Jie very much - they feel like mothers to him. He will be missed by his school class and the 35 others at the orphanage. he came with a bag - a couple of toys, and notes & photos in a book. The nanny had prepared a gift for mother - a beautiful jade necklace. Jie, andrew, and I came back to the hotel so andrew could poop in a real toilet, instead of hole in ground. Terry went with the others to WalMart to buy water and stye medicine for Andrew's eye. Jie loves our room - I gave him a bath - he enjoyed jumping on the bed, but quit when i told him to - has LOVED our cameras, gameboy, computer, and Ipod. Andrew is getting him started on Mahler. He stood in the window of our 18th floor room - looked out - and said "Father".... waiting for Terry to get back from the store. terry is back - we are going to hang out in our room this afternoon. soccer is on tv. (It's two really bad english teams...my upward team is better...one guy tried to shoot the ball in the goal, and a guy blocked it, and then he got hit in the face...it's REALLY funny!-Andrew wrote that.) Jie is playing gameboy... I think all is good... we don't understand each other - but so far so good. He is smiling. He wasn't smiling at first - and looked really scared. But he is smiling."

Tuesday, Oct 13th-Terry's Birthday
"Today was registration at the same place we were at yesterday - the adoption office. It's a room on the 6th floor of a building with offices, and hotel rooms on some of the floors. Not a fancy building at all. It is the building where people come for all official business - marriage certificates, etc. Yesterday we signed several papers, starting a 24 hour "harmony period" within which time we could decide to not adopt. Today made it official. We signed a few papers, AND signed with a red fingerprint on a couple of documents. FuJie signed with his red fingerprint too.

We gave the orphanage donation, paid the registration fee and the notary. The nanny and the orphanage director said their final good-bye to FuJie when we took them to the train station for their ride back to Dandong. (They came on the bus.) The 2 other families had gliches in their paperwork, so have a slight delay. We are very thankful that all our paperwork went very smoothly! Thanks for all the prayers! The only problem we had was that I had counted the orphanage donation wrong and was short 1200 Y. We had to go to 3 different banks before we could exchange more money for that. I had counted money for 6 different envelopes after exchanging on Sunday, and just must have gotten confused :) This morning at breakfast the hotel staff welcomed FuJie and asked if they could bring a cake to our room for his "birthday." Since it was Terry's birthday - we had fun celebrating both occasions!

After all the registration, we went to Wal-Mart - bought a couple pair of pants, some water and snacks, "bite" lotion (I'm loving chinese meds!) The older women would get excited when they saw FuJie with us and would smile and congratulate him. He told Cindy, our guide, that he hadn't been in a store before. FuJie talks alot with Cindy and the other adults. We went swimming tonight at the hotel (and broke lots of rules... another story) and he talked up a storm with the lifeguard. It was his first time swimming - he used a ring - at first was really scared, but then after getting into the water, was okay. The lifeguard tried talking with me, he knew very little English. I fudged a little when he asked me if Terry was a doctor. I said "yes" - it was just easier. :) Sign in ladies dressing room: "warm tip: watch valuables" Time for bed now - tomorrow we sight-see at the Forbidden City here in Shenyang.Thursday Cindy gets all our documents and FuJie's passport. We will leave around noon for the Shenyang airport to go to Guangzhou (5:30 flight) FuJie is very scared to be on the airplane. He's having some trouble riding in the van - new experience for him - and feels carsick, but hasn't gotten sick."

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  1. We met our son last year on October 12. What a great day it was. Congratulations to you all and hope the trip goes well.