Thursday, October 1, 2009

6 more days

Each day is going by with so much to do. Just regular life stuff - not to mention packing, etc. Today we're extremely thankful that our oldest daughter, Tanya, is safe. She had a car accident today, totalled her car, but she is okay - AND it was not her fault. :)

Sunday we'll celebrate Cassi's 24th birthday a few days early since we'll be spending her birthday in China. We have our girls' "adoption day" Oct. 7 - 22 years! We used to go to Bryan's for breakfast until everyone decided to grow up and schedules became harder to coordinate. It's fun thinking back on that day. We had a moment of "oops, maybe he won't sign the papers" as Cassi was running around the big table in the judge's chambers. It was a memorable morning for sure!

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  1. October is full of moments to celebrate for your family. I am happy that you will be adding another one this month!!