Monday, October 19, 2009

Good News

Monday-Oct 19th:
We are glad and thankful to report that the TB test was clear! We knew from the look of the quarter-size red mark from the shot that he had a positive test indication. The center where we had the medical examination had us pay for an x ray of Caleb’s chest. It took less than a minute, the doctor looked and said it was clear…followed by great relief. We are very thankful for answered prayers as this was the one major step we have heard about being a potential huge delay. We celebrated by going shopping, followed by lunch at Lucy’s for a hamburger, fries, ice tea with lemons in a Mason jar, and onion rings!

Tomorrow is the Consulate appointment which we don’t even have to go to, except Terry will be going with the guide to get a form notarized which we had not been informed about until we got here. The guide takes the packet to the Consulate and we were told to wait for a phone call if there is a problem. We were told our packets are in order and no problems are anticipated. We plan to take a Pearl river cruise in the evening to celebrate Nancy’s birthday.

Thanks again for the prayers – we are so grateful for God’s mercies.


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